About Company





DRAKONAKIS INTERLIGHT S.A is a modern and well-organised company, located in Greece manufacturing lighting products, with presence in the market for almost 60 years, of which the last 25 years it is specialised in professional - industrial lighting. Our production is at most autonomous, thus we can provide excellent quality products according to community directives as well as customized solutions for our customers. 

The past decade the company has focused on innovative LED luminaires production with minimum power consumption, using the latest technology.

In addition, our company is a member of Photokyklosis which has as mission the waste management of light bulbs, lamps and small appliances. 


Company Strategy


We believe in treating our customers with trust and respect. We integrate honesty and reliability into all aspects of our business functioning. To create long term partnerships is our main goal.




The reduction of energy cost is nowadays a great challenge in the lighting sector. Providing lighting solutions where energy efficiency is harmonized with excellent performance is always at the core of our business operations.                                                                                                                               


Luminaires Design & Production


DRAKONAKIS INTERLIGHT SA is located in modern premises in Greece. Products design and manufacturing process are conducted according to European Standards ΕΝ-60598-1, ΕΝ 60598-2-1. Lighting products manufacturing is a demanding process. First, our engineers team design the lighting product using software such as AutoCAD. The drawing is converted to 3D format, where the materials which are going to be used are determined. Philosophy of our company is always using materials friendly towards the environment. Then, the drawing is given to the production line for the creation of a sample.



Last but not least, the sample is sent to a European Institution where photometric and electrical measurements and certification are conducted.




After obtaining the desirable results, the product goes to production line, where with the use of latest technology machinery, the manufacturing process is completed. 


All our products are made in Greece. 


Quality and Environmental Control


Our company is assessed to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 with application field:


                                                                            Design, production, trade of luminaires and lighting studies






Based on its many years of experience, consistency, excellent quality, innovative products and competitive prices, INTERLIGHT SA has managed to establish itself in the Greek market, among the most dynamic and fast-growing companies in the lighting industry.

Our clientele includes lighting equipment stores, construction companies, architectural offices, large chain stores, petrol companies and more. Our company takes part in national and international exhibitions and has partners in well-known companies abroad, in an attempt to follow the global market development and lighting technology.